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New London High School Library: Chromebooks

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Collection of the Chromebooks

The Chromebook Initiative allows you to keep your assigned Chromebook throughout the school year.  Students usually get very "attached" to their devices.  However, we must collect them at the end of each school year to check the Chromebooks to be sure they are in good working condition.  If there are issues or repairs needed, those will be done during the summer months.

Once September rolls around, you will receive the very same Chromebook that was assigned to you the previous school year.  Any images or documents that you have saved to the hard drive should still be intact.

New to the Chromebook Keyboard?

The keyboard of a Chromebook looks and acts a bit differently than the desktop keyboard.  Please click here to see some answers to questions that many students ask.

Getting a Student Chromebook

All Chromebooks are property of NLHS.  Our 1-to-1 Initiative allows students (grades 9-11) to check out the devices for use throughout the school year.  The Chromebooks are distributed within the first week of school and are collected prior to summer break. Before a student is issued a Chromebook, parents must complete two tasks.

1.  Sign the "Chromebook Participation Agreement" form. This can be done in Skyward,  This lets us know which students will be participating in the 1-to-1 Initiative.

2.  Enroll with the insurance company at  Although you do not have to purchase insurance,  you must enroll in order to receive a Chromebook .  (Once on the website, click the option, "Enroll My Device."  You will need your teen's ID number when you enroll).  If you have questions please contact Mrs. Peters

*Insurance rates are based on Free & Reduced Lunch status ($5.00, $10.00 or $20.00) with NO deductible.

Issues with the Chromebook

If your Chromebook breaks or needs a repair, please bring it to the Instructional Resource Center (Library) as soon as possible.  If you have purchased insurance, there will be no cost to you for the repairs.  If you do not have insurance, costs will be determined according to the issue.

  • Cracked/broken screen - $50
  • Broken or lost Chromebook - $200
  • Lost charger - $20
  • Keyboard or Touchpad - $45
  • The sleeves/cases for the Chromebooks are provided by the District for each student.  If one is lost, it is the responsibility of the student to replace it with a sleeve or case that will provide protection for the Chromebook.

Chromebook with a cracked screen

We have a couple of loaners to be used in the event that a Chromebook needs repair.  The loaners are not used when a student forgets to bring his/her device to school.  Remember, it is the student's responsibility to not only care for the Chromebook, but also to keep it charged and stored in a safe place.