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Technology Tools

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Tool Image Purpose
Ipevo    Ipevo Device These are hand-held document cameras. A magnetic stand is also available.
Elmo Elmo Device These document cameras have microscope attachments available.
SmartBoard SmartBoard

This board can help make lessons interactive.

Responders Responders There is a classroom set of responders to work with Notebook.
Flip camera Flip Cameras

The FlipCams (video cameras) can be used to help with projects
and lessons.

Digtial camera Digital Cameras Use to take photographs.
E-reader eReader Nooks and Kindles loaded with books
Mobile computer cart w/LCD Mobile Computer cart with Laptop  This is perfect for presenting to groups, if an LCD is not available in the room.
iPad iPad

These are available for teacher check-outs for classroom use.

ChromeBook ChromeBook

These are available for teacher check-out for classroom use.

Mimio Tablet   This tablet works with other Mimio equipment.
Minio Bar   The bar fits on the classroom whiteboard and turns it into an intereactive
VGA Adapter VGA Adapter Use with the iPad and connect to an LCD for presentations or demostrations.
HDMI to VGA Adapter HDMI to VGA Adapter Use with a Chromebook to mirror your Chromebook screen.
Power Presenter   This allows the presenter to move around the room during the presentation.
Tripod   The tripods will help stabilize the cameras during shooting.
DVD/VCR players   Several are still availalbe.
Overhead Projector   A few are still available.