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New London High School Library: Chromebooks


All Chromebooks are property of SDNL and they are assigned to a student throughout their high school career. Each student will receive their originally assigned Chromebook during the first week of school. Students will use these Chromebooks throughout the school year and they will be collected for summer storage and reissued at the start of the following school year. If there are issues or repairs needed, those will be done during the summer months. Only upon graduation from NLHS, can a student purchase their device for $25.


Chromebook Support Links

Issues with the Chromebook

If your Chromebook breaks or needs a repair, please bring it to the Instructional Resource Center (Library) as soon as possible.  The SDNL Systems Engineer will assess all damages and repair fees may be issued to the student based on damage extent and frequency of occurrence. Charges for common items are below.

  • Broken or lost Chromebook - $200
  • Cracked/broken screen - $50
  • Keyboard or Touchpad - $45
  • Lost charger - $25
  • The sleeves/cases for the Chromebooks are provided by the District for each student.  If one is lost, it is the responsibility of the student to replace it with a sleeve or case that will provide protection for the Chromebook. Replacement Protective Case - $20

Chromebook with a cracked screen

The Instructional Resource Center (Library) has a couple of loaners to be used in the event that a Chromebook needs repair.  The loaners are not used when a student forgets to bring his/her device to school.  Remember, it is the student's responsibility to not only care for the Chromebook, but also to keep it charged and stored in a safe place.